The food we eat affects everything: our energy levels and body composition strength, endurance, mental and physical stamina, mood, body odor sexual drive, sleeping habits, and overall health. The health and wellbeing of every living thing is greatly affected by what they eat and on the caliber of what they consume. When you consume junk and processed food your body creates more fat, decreases your energy levels and can even decrease the power of your brain. If your diet is regularly poor quality, chronic health problems and long-term ailments can arise, which can affect all aspects in your daily life with reading an Intimacy blog. Many medical journals claim that the most common cause of impotence is the clogging of blood vessels, which makes sense because adequate blood flow is required to keep an erection.

It is the same for females who are capable of experiencing orgasm since the clitoris and vagina are more sensitive after they are stuffed with blood. A healthy circulation is crucial to enjoy a sexy life and having a healthy heart. Couples who indulge in fast-food cheeseburgers or greasy fries regularly might not enjoy the same sexual life as couples who are healthier.

There's plenty of truth to the saying that 'you are what take in'. We all know that what we consume determines the structure of our cells and bone marrow, blood and hormones. Our bodies are actually made by the food we eat as around 300 billion cells are being rebuilt each day. We are constantly re-creating ourselves , and we can significantly alter our bodies as well as alter our self-image according to what we consume.

A person who has a balanced diet consisting of fresh, raw organic food tend to be healthier, fit happy, and naturally sexually attractive. People who are physically active and health conscious individuals tend to have a greater sexual desire, as well as having the strength to endure intense sexual sessions that are certified as sexually sexy! There is also evidence in various studies and surveys that men who consume healthier food, mostly eating a diet that is vegetarian and consists of fresh fruit and whole foods , have an improved body odor and taste better during sexual sexual sex.

In a scene from Sex in the City, Samantha tells her lover, "You've got funky-tasting spunk! The act of giving head to you is like taking a trip to the egg-rotten buffet." Although it is a brutal and unpalatable statement but it's true that semen can be found in many kinds of flavors! People who consume pineapple and kiwi, plums, citrus fruits, nectarines, lemons and limes, as well as spearmint, parsley, cilantro peppermint and green tea could have more delicious and sweeter semen than those who consume garlic, meat onions, dairy products, and meat. Although they are extremely nutritious the broccoli Brussels sprouts as well as asparagus can produce some unpleasant flavoring emission. It is equally vital to drink enough water for an easier flow, not the clumpy mess. Who would want to swallow all that stuff?

It is true that it differs to the taste of women as their vaginal secretions and natural pheromones may differ based on her diet. A clean and healthy lifestyle, as well as eating healthy and light can definitely affect how you smell and feel down below. A light diet prior to sexual activity can also give you an energy boost for a long time - far more effective than a large, weighty meal that can slow your metabolism and may cause abdominal pain during an intercourse. Sexual activity after exercise is the ideal, as your muscles are relaxed and your hormones, blood and juices flow. Engaging in exercise with your partner can be a stimulating and bonding feeling too.

The main point is that the more active you are physically and the better your diet and the more satisfied you are and the more enjoyable your sexual experience is which naturally leads to better quality of life.

Supplements are also an essential component of our daily diet. It's not necessary to take dozens of supplements every day if you try to eat healthy but well-balanced herbal supplements like Add Lib to women may increase your energylevels, boost mood and provide essential nutritional and antioxidants. It's especially beneficial for women who are over 30 who feel their bodies and their metabolism are beginning to alter.