I am a shrewd, intelligent beautiful young professional woman who has no plans at present to enter into a permanent relationship...so why do people negatively evaluate my views about rules of casual dating or one-night dates? In the first place, I'd like to be clear that I'm not a kind of sexual predator or hussy who needs a new man every night. I'm a responsible person and I pay utmost attention for my own safety but if I come across an individual who presses the right buttons, is there anything wrong with seeking out pleasure in physical contact?

Let me offer you an example: last week, I was away from home with a few coworkers from the office. The temperature was pleasant and full of energy and the music gave me an almost hypnotic buzz.

I was ablaze, I was stunning, my legs were bronzed and flaunting with the tiniest of skirts. It was a normal evening going out to Newcastle with my 2 female acquaintances and I were the center in attention...we were fighting off the gang. The night moved at the pace of a jogger, I was not drunk or on the run, however one adorable guy did grab my attention while standing in a crowd of his friends.

It wasn't long before I spotted him and the flirting started There was chemistry, and we hadn't said even a word at the time. In the end, to make the story short, it was a blast. We had a great time for three hours, and at the end the night, it was clear that ....the girl was mine, and he returned to the hotel I was staying in.

The rest of the evening was fantastic, he had very entertaining, but everything good in life must eventually will come in the final. The alarm began to sound at 6a.m I felt in great mood so I'll leave him sleeping for an hour , after which it'll be time to leave. A half hour later, I got him up and called him a taxi and thanked him for a amazing night, and took him to the airport. It was a typical day filled with busyness with a date at 9 am. Great memories and a great time with just a one-night stand, but who cares? I enjoy no-pressure dating!

I'm not ashamed or embarrassed. Women are now empowered and growing to be the dominant sex. Just like men, women are also wild, which we'd like to explore and unleash before we get married, husbands and children begin to take over our lives. There is no rule to say that you cannot be a casual dater or just one-night stands. It's not something designed for only men.

My decision to not pursue an ongoing and long-lasting relationship stems from an element of independence that I gained at the university level and a profession which doesn't need emotional distractions. The age I'm at is 22, and I I love my life. I don't have to be sleeping with a new guy each night, however if I have a desire, there is nothing is wrong with two adults having a blast.